The Law Of Attraction

What is ‘The Law Of Attraction’

The Secret was a long running New York Best seller which is based on The Law of Attraction. The main concept of this book is that we create our reality with our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Our thoughts and feelings have energy that attracts like a magnet. The Universe is all made of energy, therefore, what you think, you will attract that experience into your life. The Law Of Attraction states that you attract the circumstances which form your reality by your thoughts (regardless if its positive or negative).

How I had discovered ‘The Law Of Attraction’

Discovering “The Law Of Attraction” was the biggest game changer for me. The life I have created around me is a direct output of what I had wrote down on paper over 15 years ago before The Secret book and DVD came out in 2006.

I was first introduced to this concept in 2001. At the time, I was still in University studying a Bachelor of Science degree while my wife, girlfriend at the time, was an apprentice hairdresser. We didn’t make much money and had very little savings but we were eager to get into the property market after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. We managed to save a small deposit and borrowed the rest from Amanda’s aunt & uncle in order to secure our first investment property.

Barely having enough to make monthly repayments, we persisted and got by with only buying the bare essentials. The house hadn’t been fully furnished, the backyard was dry dirt, eating out was rare and going on holidays was out of the question.

One day, Amanda’s client suggested to us to simply write down a list of exactly what we wanted and it will come true. She said “Don’t ask me how it works, it just does, trust me, do it and you’ll be amazed. There’s nothing to lose!”

That night, we sat down thinking of the things we wanted just off the top of our heads not really putting too much thought into it as the concept sounded crazy. However Amanda’s client was so passionate and enthusiastic about her list coming true, we had to give it a try.

Making our first list

We wrote the following items on a scrap piece of paper:

  • Own a four wheel drive
  • Landscape the backyard
  • Travel to Europe
  • Upgrade and move into our dream home
  • Pay off our mortgage

These may not seem much to you but they seemed impossible for us to achieve back in 2001 given our financial circumstances. For us at the time, traveling to Europe was a major deal as it was only for the wealthy. Having zero on the mortgage? People work most their lives to achieve this goal. How can this possibly happen on our less than minimum wages!

Once we had composed our list, we put it in a drawer in our bedside table, forgetting it was there.

The fun begins

Some years later, we had found our list and to our astonishment, reading through each of the items we were able to tick off every single one of them!

We were driving a black four wheel drive, had finished landscaping our backyard in our original investment property. Sold that investment property which made a significant profit and built our dream home. We had spent 9 amazing weeks traveling around Europe. And lastly, we had made more investment decisions which enabled us to pay off the mortgage on the new dream home we had just built!

Making our second list

Now, armed with knowing that the list actually works, we sat down and thought about an even bigger and more seemingly impossible to achieve list. This time, we didn’t set and forget. We turned our list into images (later found out that this is referred to as a Vision Board) and stuck the list on our fridge as a reminder of things coming our way.

My wish list

  • Own a bigger and better four wheel drive
  • Start a family
  • Go on more holidays
  • A holiday house
  • Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Live in Williamstown
  • Generate passive income
  • Own a sports convertible
  • Financial freedom
Everything on the list was a huge stretch for us. For instance, we were struggling to have any kids due to infertility issues. We came close to starting a family once but we miscarried at 10 weeks. We tried seeing different naturopaths for alternative medicines, acupuncture, you name it we tried it.
A holiday house was just a dream. The concept of having a spare house you would just use on the odd occasion just seemed ridiculous.
Living in Williamstown for us would be a massive achievement. Of all the items this would be the most far fetched as Williamstown is a well sort after suburb to live in Melbourne, Australia.
Earning passive income would be nice, just making money while you sleep. I had always thought that everyone had to work hard for their money. How can it be possible to make money even while you sleep?

Watching the magic unfold

Slowly but surely, after several years of ‘coincidences’ and chance events, one by one, all of the items on my list came in to our reality:

  • My wife and I have the two most adorable, kind-hearted and loving children any parent could ever wish for.
  • We’ve travelled around Europe (again), all over the US and Canada, Fiji, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.
  • We have a holiday house in Vietnam, which belongs to my dad but it’s used as a family holiday home.
  • We’re generating passive income from various avenues such as acquiring 5 properties, running a serviced apartment business, a network marketing business and maintaining a blog website.
  • As for the most seemingly impossible goal, we had recently settled on the purchase of our new Williamstown home, located in the heart of Williamstown and just a street away from the beach.

You can direct your life to be a dream come true, and it all starts with a list. It’s not so much a goals list but think of it more like directing how you want your future to play out. Even if you don’t believe that writing down a list will work for you, I challenge you to just write one and prove me wrong. You’ve got nothing to lose and yet so much to gain.


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  1. Gracious - October 7, 2015 at 9:12 am Reply

    Hi Nha
    Great story, i agree there is something special about writing goals down. My mom taught me to write things down from a very young age, needless to say everything i wrote down came true and every year i do make a new list. I think there is a big sense of self belief that comes with a wish list.If you cant see it, the Gods cant give it.

  2. - September 9, 2015 at 12:45 am Reply

    Hi Nha,
    It’s strange, there does seem to be some kind of connection between writing goals or desires down and the subconscious mind. It is almost as if we are directly placing an order through which the subconscious mind sets about making a reality. I have started using a vision board, which I assume has a similar effect on our minds and the universe, but there is certainly some magic about writing things down.

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