Nutrition – key to better health

The impact of consuming foods with little to no nutritional value

We grow up following the eating habits of our parents or what our society deem as normal healthy everyday foods. Television ads are constantly bombarding us with attractive, happy and healthy people eating highly processed foods which contain very little to no nutrition.

But if everyone else is doing it and have been for so many years, it can’t be too bad nutritionfor you right? Well that all depends on how much abuse your body can take. When we are young, we seem to be able to eat pretty much anything without feeling negative effects. However, as we near our 30’s, some signs of ill health may appear. We start to feel sluggish throughout the day, have less energy, joints start to ache, food intolerance’s and allergies start to emerge. This is because our organs and immune system are tired of decades of being over worked without being fed the proper fuel it needs to function at an optimal level.

A gradual decline in health

In my mid 20’s, I started zoning out more often, not able to pay attention and sometimes barely keeping up with conversations. My work colleagues would come to my desk to find me staring through a computer screen as if I were frozen in time. In the evenings, I struggled to stay awake whilst driving home from work. Sleeping over 8 hours each night felt as though I hadn’t slept at all.

As my decline in mental state was so gradual, I didn’t realise I had any issues until I had a spoken with a gym instructor at my local gym. She saw me moving slowly from machine to machine, working out with the blank stare on my face. She’d asked if I was getting enough quality sleep at night. I told her I was sleeping ‘normally’, which meant I was having over 8 hours every night and was waking up at least 4 times throughout the night, every night. She told me she sleeps for 7-8 hours each night throughout the whole night and wakes up feeling refreshed every morning. I was shocked to hear that she was able to stay asleep throughout the night. I thought only children had that luxury of sleeping through and that it was normal for adults to have broken sleep. And to wake up feeling refreshed? I assumed it was normal to crave more sleep, struggle to get out of bed and feeling tired until the daily dose of coffee kicks in 2 hours later. I hadn’t felt refreshed after sleeping for years, probably since I was a teenager. At that point I realised that what I was feeling on a daily basis was not the norm and that something was amiss

Discovery of nutritional supplements

nutritionSome months later, fortunately I was part of a conversation where one of my work colleagues was sharing a story of how her mother was suffering from aches and pains throughout her body, she was getting what felt like arthritis and could hardly stand up for more than 30 minutes at a time. Not wanting to be prescribed a lifetime of drugs, she then started taking nutritional supplements. To everyone’s surprise, after only 3 months of loading herself up with essential vitamins and minerals, all her pain was gone. She was even able to walk to the shops and back carrying her groceries!

Curious to see if nutritional supplements could help me with my sleep and energy levels, I had finally bit the bullet and paid $200 a month on nutritional supplements which I thought I was getting anyway from my food.

Finally getting some good fuel

After consuming the products for about a month, I felt a whole lot better. The cloudy brain fog feeling was becoming less frequent, I was able to concentrate better and had more energy throughout the day. 2 months into taking the supplements, I had my first full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I hadn’t felt this way in years. That same day I called up my work colleague to thank her and shared with her my exciting news. I was so excited about getting my quality of life back, it was as if I had won the lottery.

Continuing to take supplements, some other unexpected results were emerging. My vision was getting clearer. I was soon able to read license plate numbers and could easily make out words on far advertisement boards. I used to wear glasses from the evening onward as my vision was too blurry to make out pedestrians walking across the road. As my vision became sharper and sharper, I was able to throw away my prescription glasses for good. Months later, I was due for my bi-yearly optometrist check up. I had attended the appointment to make sure it wasn’t just all in my head. To my surprise and much to my optometrists surprise, my vision had corrected itself to 20/20 vision. Whereas in previous check ups, my vision was slowly deteriorating which meant I was having to buy stronger prescription glasses at each visit. Other benefits I started to notice was my dry flaky skin becoming soft, oily and smooth. My mental clarity became crystal clear, my forward thinking and comprehension was faster. Zoning out was a thing of the past and so was feeling tired on the drives home from work.

When it comes to quality, there is no cheap way out

After about a year, I forget how bad I had it and started to either take less of the nutritional supplements or find cheaper alternatives from the super markets. Slowly all my symptoms came back which started with zoning out and having blurry vision at night. Eventually coming to realise that my quality of life was far greater than a couple of hundred dollars a month, so I went back to taking the full set of nutritional supplements and was rewarded with mental clarity and clearer 20/20 vision only after a week.

Now when it comes to health, I don’t need to justify any dollar value in keeping me healthy and functioning at my full potential.

Our biggest asset

When it comes to protecting our biggest material assets, we don’t even give it a second thought with taking out home insurance and car insurance. We put high quality fuel in our car and schedule regular services to ensure everything runs smoothly. But when it comes to our health, we hold back on our spending and don’t give it as much priority as we do our material belongings. The biggest asset we have is not our house or our car, its our health. We only have one body to use in this lifetime so take good care of it. Without a healthily functioning mind and body, material items are worthless.

A highly effective nutrition product

Over the past decade, my wife and I have tried and tested a huge selection of nutritional supplements. We’ve found that this product is by far the best nutritional supplements out there due to its simplicity, quality and effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a high quality nutritional supplement that works, I highly recommend the Triangle of health. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee as they’re certain that anyone who consumes their products will see health benefits. So essentially, you can use 29 days of products for FREE! If it works for you, you win. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back.

nutritionYou don’t have to change your diet or do any additional exercise. Just do what you’re currently doing along with taking these 3 nutritionally dense products to start experiencing what your body feels like when functioning on the fuel it needs.


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