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About Me

Born in Vietnam in 1979, I was one of the two million South Vietnamese people fleeing our home seeking refuge in other countries after the communist take-over. Like many other Vietnamese refugees, my family fled Vietnam by boat. I was just 2 years old. After spending 4 gruelling years in a Thai refugee camp, we were fortunate enough to be welcomed into Australia to live and eventually become permanent residents.

For the rare few who knew me in my childhood years, I was known as the poor, skinny Vietnamese boy. Keeping friends was hard as our family were always moving from place to place. We lived in Shared housing (family of 4 cramped into 1 bedroom), then in Commission housing and then to renting houses across Melbourne's Western suburbs.

Those who knew me in my teenage years, I was known as the dollar a day kid. This was because I had only one dollar to spend on lunch, which I used to buy two dim sims every day. After school, I would sit next to a phone booth asking strangers for 40c, with the excuse of having to make a phone call. But once had I collected $3.50, I would rush over to the corner store to buy myself a chicken & chips pack.

And for those who know me today, they would have never of guessed the life I had once lived. I am now confident, positive and motivated in life. Happily married with two amazing children, we've travelled all over the World and have a portfolio of five properties worth over $3.5M AUD. This is not to brag, it's to show you that no matter where your starting position, you can turn your life around to live the life you were meant to live. Your past does not define your future. What you focus on NOW and the actions you take NOW determines your future.

I have created this website to share with you the discoveries I have made along the way which turned my life around from frustration and poverty, to a life of abundance in every aspect. The site was also created to enable others to share their secrets to joyful living.

We live in an abundant World. There is more than enough health, wealth and happiness for everyone. So please Share your discoveries in life which may benefit others, or Share this site with those around you, as someone may find value in reading the discoveries. Together, let's help inspire the lives of others, one Share at a time.

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